Netflix Now Stree-ming features artistic shots of female leads, directors, writers and performers, along with anecdotes of their personal experiences. It celebrates iconic moments of female characters from Netflix shows.
What started out as a Women's Day Campaign, blossomed into a year round celebration of women.
Keep scrolling to see how it went from a handful of thoughts to a polished product. 

Mood Board

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Colour, Personality, Style

Typography + Imagemaking

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Logo | Iconography

Instagram page


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Logo Iterations

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Women's Day Video
Abstract Gradient
Pink Smoke
Post Women's Day
women appreciation 
4 Now Streeming
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4 Now Streeming
The Stree-ming logo is now used to promote women centric content
and like Bombay Begums, SHE, Gunjan Saxena, Masaba Masaba.