pride 5.png

Client : Netflix

Brief: Celebrate Queer character on Netflix.

This project has come from my heart.

Being Queer myself, it was important to me that their voices were heard.

In terms of design,

the ideas was to position queer folk in a place of power and confidence, to make them the Queens, Kings and Aces of the deck instead of the ones left out.


I used the classic Art Deco style and paired it with the Vibrant glow of rainbow colours associated with the community making it bold, proud and elegant.



The pattern behind each character matches their personality, be it gentle curves for the soft hearted,

and dynamic lines for show edginess. 

Initially, it was to go up as a story on the Instagram page,

but ended up as a post since on popular demand.

The post (containing a set of 4 cards) got a large amount of appreciation and engagement that I was asked to make 5 more before pride month came to an end. 

Another win came to the page when the actor who plays Rosa in Brooklyn Nine-Nine,  Stephanie Beatriz shared her card as a story further driving engagement.

Here are some of the wonderful comments that came pouring in - 


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