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 A simple, lower middle-class Marathi girl pushed out of her comfort zone in the line of duty is the fulcrum of She, a seven-part police drama created by Imtiaz Ali for Netflix.


As she is sent on an undercover mission to bust an underworld gang, a constable rises above her own expectations to find power in the most unexpected ways.  

Role : Art Direction & Design

Designers : Allita Lavina Crasto

                  Akhil Bordia


Mood Board

SHE is set in the crevices of the city, narrow alleyways and tight rooms filled with neon lights. This aspect of the show is what I've captured and translated to design.


That's What She Said!

Iconic quotes from strong female characters, in the design language used for SHE.



Here I created the logo reveal in the end to represent male gaze and how the women is an object to be looked at.

the heart shape silhouette hints towards the feelings that would develop.


Instagram story on the day of release.


Post launch collaboration with Humans of Bombay 


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